H.E Union Minister U Win Tun Earth Day Keynote Address in Washington DC

Earth Day Symposium Highlights

Myanmar’s Natural and Biological Resources:

In President U Thein Sein’s inaugural address he called for a “new policy in which we will work for economic development in parallel with environmental conservation.” Since then, his government has taken measures to address this challenge, recognizing that Myanmar’s rich natural capital will be a critical piece of future economic growth.

On Earth Day, His Excellency Union Minister U Win Tun from Myanmar’s Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry noted that “[i]n many areas of development and environment we are starting from scratch.” To promote effective and efficient management and conservation of natural and biological resources, technical cooperation and assistance, supported by capacity building, are high priorities. “GIS and remote sensing tools will be of great assistance in the sustainable utilization of Myanmar’s natural capital for prudent social and economic development; monitoring of plans and changes in land, forest and water; as well as supporting more informed decision making.”


Gregory Snook/WWF

His Excellency acknowledged the tremendous challenges facing Myanmar after almost four decades of isolation and sanctions, noting that “[n]ation building will have to happen simultaneously with a multitude of challenges.” But, with the right support and assistance, President Thein Sein could achieve his vision of green and sustainable growth for the inclusive and equitable benefits of all the people of Myanmar.

April 22, 2013
9:00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.
World Wildlife Fund
Honored Speaker
Union Minister U Win Tun Myanmar’s Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry