The Symbiosis


A mechanism to catalyze and promote holistic and integrated concepts, principles, strategies, actions and private public academia collaboration for greening, drawing upon state of the art technology, science and management practices as well as traditional knowledge. The GEGG mobilize resources, in funds and in-kind for its collaborative activities.

The GEGG (not for profit) Association provides the symbiosis platform for the Center of Excellence for Greening, CoE-G expanding complex and support and host offices for the ASEAN Institute for Green Economy, AIGE.

  • The GEGG (not for profit) Association and non-political was formally registered in 2012 and signed a Memorandum of Association with the Ministry of Economic Development and Planning. The Seal of the Association prescribed as “The Tha-Pya” branch represents Growth, Victory, Green and Peace”.
  • The Government of Myanmar has allocated a plot of land with two large buildings at Kaba Aye Road, Yangon in the campus of the Department of Research and Innovation, DRI, Ministry of Education, for GEGG offices and the establishment of the GEGG Center of Excellence for Greening, CoE-G. Location in the same campus provides expanded opportunity for increased collaboration.
  • The AIGE (ASEAN Institute for Green Economy) proposed by the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, was endorsed by ASEAN Head of States and Governments at the 25 th ASEAN Summit on 12 November 2014, Nay Pyi Taw. The Chairman’s Statement on the AIGE is in the Attachment. GEGG, at the request of the Government, is providing management, administration and technical support as well as office space to the AIGE. It is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation is the designated Focal Ministry, which has signed a MoU with GEGG affirming collaboration and support.
  • The GEGG land and buildings were extensively renovated to welcome Their Majesties the King and Queen of Norway on 2 December 2014 during Their Majesties Visit to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  • Their Majesties unveiled Plaques for the CoE-G and the AIGE, in the presence of Myanmar Union Ministers, the Chief Minister of Yangon Division and Norwegian Ministers.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposed GEGG to participate in the ASEAN Inter-Secretariat Retreat of ASEAN related Centers / Institutes on the 13 and 14 February 2017 in Bali Indonesia and to head the delegation and make a presentation on the AIGE
  • In partnership with Yangon University, Mandalay University, Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Myanmar Engineering Society, Association of Myanmar Architects and an expanding core network of national and international institutions, the GEGG for the past five years organize annual GEGG Forums, with very high level participation, to promote improved and increased knowledge on the policies and practices for greening and catalyze and enable collaboration between public, private, academia, research institutions, international organizations and pertinent CSOs.
  • The GEGG also organize training Seminars and Workshops.
  • At the recently held Fifth Forum the First Practice Events of Exposition with the Theme of Green Living is Healthy as well as the Myanmar Green Fashion Designs Show and Competition were organized , to highlight on the HOW aspects for greening. It was a very effective means for promoting awareness and encouraging practices.
  • The Myanmar Fashion Designer Group, Myanmar Talent and Models generously provided their time and materials free, and a large number of private sectors, provided outstanding support for implementing the Show and Completion. All the over 120 specially made dresses and accessories were made from a wide variety of natural materials with natural dyes. Yangon University provided the Recreation Center for the Show and Competition. Miss Green Myanmar and Miss Green Yangon University were selected from over 120 contestants by an independent panel of seven Judges Over 1500 attended, many were university students, who witnessed that greening can and should also begin by an individual and at home , the life-styles, what is worn, meals taken, and savings of energy and
  • The GEGG website provides information on all GEGG Forums and Events

The Center of Excellence for Greening, CoE-G.

  • The CoE-G is a dynamic, evolving and interactive Center demonstrating the interconnectedness of built, natural and cultural systems.
  • It supports the Work Programme of the AIGE
  • With holistic and integrated approaches the CoE-G is planned to be transformational and translational, demonstrating, testing, adapting, improving, applying, and hands-on capacity building to leap frog green economic development.

The CoE-G currently has the following facilities

  • A Transformational Hall that has capacity to seat 400 people for training, education , capacity building, demonstrations, expositions;
  • A Translational Clinic , for GEGG and ASEAN Institute for Green Economy (AIGE), offices as well as space for core internationally renowned partners to use it as clinics to optimize the performance of their technologies and management practices for enhanced applications in Myanmar;
  • A pv solar roof car park that demonstrates the capture of solar energy, with battery storage and distribution through a mezzo grid, for demonstrating renewable energy use, rural electrification and development;
  • The Pyat-that, an 11 th Century Myanmar Royal tradition pavilion, with its multi-tiered roof that enhances natural cooling and ventilation;
  • An open-space amphitheater; and
  • An Urban Natural Park, with indigenous trees, flowers, series of small meadows that will emphasize the symbiosis of natural, cultural and built systems.
  • Augmenting the existing assets, GEGG will be constructing at its premises

The Green Sustainable Resilient Smart GSRS Innovation Laboratory. This is conceived, designed and will be built with state of the art technology, engineering and building materials to meet international standards of energy and resource conservation and efficiencies, sustainability, resilience and smart features. The GSRS will be constantly upgraded as and when new and improved technologies and materials become available. The building will incorporate relevant traditional knowledge and distinctive Myanmar architectural features.

  • The GSRS will be used primarily for translational research, training, and demonstration of the efficacy and benefits of greening.


The Work-in Progress Note on “AIGE Vision Mission, Collaborative Work Plan Framework and Implementation” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, the Ministry of Education Department of Research and Innovation, and GEGG in Attachment 1 was presented at the ASEAN Inter-Secretariat Retreat on 13 & 14 February 2017, Bali, Indonesia.

The Note includes the AIGE Mandates, Terms of Reference and proposed 5-year Collaborative Work plan Framework that consists of Five Components each with Six Elements. Chairman’s Statement of the 25th ASEAN Summit: “Moving Forward in Unity to a Peaceful and Prosperous Community” Nay Pyi Taw, 12 November 2014 “66. We welcomed the launching of the ASEAN Institute for Green Economy (AIGE) in Myanmar to spur collaboration in sustainable development and greening the regional economy. We looked forward to the AIGE to serve as a centre of excellence on Green Economy, being responsive to regional environmental, climate and economic issues, and contributing to building capacity, fostering research, catalysing and facilitating green technologies, improving management practices and promoting national and international cooperation.”

The ToR includes “Article 10 Scientific and Technical Personality. The Scientific and Technical Personality of the Institute shall be established with the cooperation of the Centre of Excellence of Greening, CoE-G of the Green Economy Green Growth “

The AIGE Collaborative Work Plan Framework would be elaborated and presented at the AIGE Inception and Scoping Meeting of ASEAN Member States and Development Partners planned for the last quarter of this year.

The AIGE will be a major contribution to the ASEAN Golden Jubilee Year 2017 and beyond, catalyzing and fostering innovation and transformational cooperation in strategies and applications supported by state of the art science and technology research, demonstration and capacity building facilities, for the greening of economy of Myanmar and ASEAN.