GEGG 4 Mandalay Chief Minister Opening Address In Myanmar


A very warm Welcome to Mandalay

Economic development of Mandalay City, the second largest city in the Union of Myanmar, the Region, and the Country that will be sustained ecologically, economically, and socially is imperative.

Mandalay Region has very diverse ecological, economic, social, cultural systems, with archaeology that dates back thousands of years. Bagan, in the archaeological triangle of the Ancient Kingdom of Phyu is an example of civilization that was at harmony with nature.

Irrigation and farming tools developed and used over two thousands ago, are as scientific and technologically sound as they were then as today.

There is much ancient and traditional knowledge and practices in the Mandalay Region that needs to be revived and applied and where necessary further improvement with modern science, engineering and technology.

The policy, strategy and implementation of green economy and green growth is supported by the Mandalay Region.

The convening of the Fourth GEGG Forum is very much welcomed and timely, as the Region is undergoing very fast development.

We have much to learn and share

The Theme for the Fourth GEGG Expanding Cooperation & Deepening Integration For Sustainable Natural Resources, Social & Economic Development

Is very important for the Region.

There is a need to increase and improve cooperation between and amongst the Regions of Myanmar, but there is also the need to expand cooperation beyond, particularly as the ASESAN Economic Community will come into play very soon.

The three topics of GEGG 4 for the Mandalay Region, with focus on the Dry Zones addressing Green Productivity Improvements; Green Resilient, Smart Built Systems ; Responsible And Sustainable Tourism are critically important.

All the Sessions present knowledge and experience that are very relevant.

The Plenary Round Table, Chaired by H.E Prof. DawSandarKhin, Deputy Minister of Culture on the “Inter-connectedness of biological and Cultural Diversities” is most timely and important. It is also ground breaking, as this theme has not been addressed in conferences and meetings in Myanmar.

The three linked Sessions on “Green Productivity Improvement in Dry Zones :Agricultural and Economic Climate Resilience and Sustainable Neural Resource Management” with international and national speakers will foster increased understanding of the problems, challenges and opportunities.

I hope potential areas for cooperation in joint research, education, training and capacity building will identified for follow up actions.

I observe with great interest the session on “Mandalay – Kitakyushu City to City Cooperation Towards and Eco model City of ASEAN” and look forward with eagerness the concrete steps for strengthening cooperation will emerge from the Session. I note with appreciation that the MCDC is actively engaged in this project with Kitakyushu and speakers from that City will be actively taking part.

I have also taken particular note of the Session coordinated for GEGG by Green Lotus on the subject of “ Greening of Cities “ Now and Future for Habitability, Safety and Sustainability”.

The ideas, knowledge and practices exchanged in this Session will be important inputs for the fast development and growth of Mandalay City.

Conserving and Protecting Ancient Cities; Education, Training, Awareness and the harnessing of Traditional and Social Media are very timely as the number of visitors to Myanmar have exceed all expectations and is expected to increase further and faster.

I am very pleased that the Ministry of Tourism is actively collaborating in the session.

The presence of my colleague HE U HtayAung underscores he interest of and commitmet to responsible and sustainable tourism in Myanmar.

Yes, Let the Journey Begin.

Allow me to again welcome everyone to Mandalay

I wish the Fourth GEGG Forum in Mandalay every success and all to have a pleasant stay
Please visit Mandalay again.

Thank You

Mandalay Opening Sessions

Mandalay Parallel Sessions