AIGE Opening State Counsellor Message

Message from State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to the Inception

and Implementation Meeting on ASEAN Institute for Green Economy (AIGE)

6th February, 2018

I am delighted to welcome all of you to the Inception and Implementation Meeting on the ASEAN Institute for Green Economy (AIGE). It is a great honor for Myanmar to host the AIGE and this auspicious meeting with the cooperation of the non-profit Green Economy Green Growth (GEGG) Association.

ASEAN countries have an opportunity to pursue a green economy that supports the well-being of our people and protects ASEAN’s unique natural wealth, home to some of the most biologically diverse
areas on this planet– the basis of our long-term survival and prosperity.

Our countries are vulnerable to climate change and we have suffered from many environmental issues brought about due to highly depending on natural resources. Many of our cities and economic activities are concentrated along coastlines, making them vulnerable to natural disasters.

It is clear that we must pursue a different path moving forward.
This will enhance our resilience to climate change, resolve environmental challenges, while creating new economic opportunities and jobs.

The only way to resolve the challenges happening over the world is through global cooperation. The commitment to sustainable development and combatting climate change is clear through ASEAN countries’ commitments to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement.

This is in accordance with the outcomes of the historical conference Rio+20 and the document “The Future We Want”, which emphasized that a green economy should contribute to eradicating poverty as well as sustained economic growth, enhancing social inclusion, improving human welfare and creating opportunities for employment and decent work for all, while maintaining the healthy functioning of the Earth’s ecosystems.

By investing in research, new technologies and support development in green economy, ASEAN countries can lead the way in providing opportunities of new jobs for youth and future generations while protecting our natural wealth.

In our ASEAN economic community blueprint 2025, we have laid down a vision of a community that incorporates a sustainable growth agenda that promotes a science-based use of, and support for, green
technology and energy. Our vision is clear, now we must work together to realize a future, where our ASEAN community is strong economically, where people enhance resilience to climate change.
Emerging challenges and opportunities require new and innovative institutions, collaborative mechanisms and policy instruments that can support this transformation.

At the 25th ASEAN Summit, held in Naypyidaw, Myanmar in 2014, the ASEAN Institute for Green Economy (AIGE) was endorsed by ASEAN heads of states. This new institute will serve as a center of
excellence to promote policies and practices to address green economy and green growth opportunities, with an aim to increase and improve sustainable development, conservation and efficient use of natural resources, and transition to low carbon technologies to address climate change.

During this meeting, participants are encouraged to discuss integrated, holistic, innovative and collaborative policies, strategies and practices, utilizing state of the art technologies and management that could be considered for promoting green economy and green growth. I hope this meeting will provide guidance for the preparation of a robust and forward-looking Platform for a multi-year AIGE Collaborative Work Programme.

I wish this important event great success!

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi